KAMJE Journals

270 journals as of April 19, 2019

  1. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology ResearchAllergy Asthma Immunol Res(OA-nc)
  2. Allergy, Asthma & Respiratory DiseaseAllergy Asthma Respir Dis(OA-nc)
  3. Anatomy & Cell BiologyAnat Cell Biol(OA-nc)
  4. Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Anesth Pain Med(OA-nc)
  5. Annals of Clinical MicrobiologyAnn Clin Microbiol(OA-nc)
  6. Annals of Clinical NeurophysiologyAnn Clin Neurophysiol(OA-nc)
  7. Annals of ColoproctologyAnn Coloproctol(OA-nc)
  8. Annals of DermatologyAnn Dermatol(OA-nc)
  9. Annals of Laboratory MedicineAnn Lab Med(OA-nc)
  10. Annals of Occupational and Environmental MedicineAnn Occup Environ Med(OA-nc)
  11. Annals of Pediatric Endocrinology & MetabolismAnn Pediatr Endocrinol Metab(OA-nc)
  12. Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine Ann Rehabil Med(OA-nc)
  13. Annals of Surgical Treatment and ResearchAnn Surg Treat Res(OA-nc)
  14. Anxiety and MoodAnxiety Mood
  15. Archives of Craniofacial SurgeryArch Craniofac Surg(OA-nc)
  16. Archives of Plastic SurgeryArch Plast Surg(OA-nc)
  17. Archives of Reconstructive MicrosurgeryArch Reconstr Microsurg(OA-nc)
  18. ArrhythmiaArrhythmia
  19. Asia Pacific AllergyAsia Pac Allergy(OA-nc)
  20. Asian Nursing Research Asian Nurs Res(OA-nc)
  21. Asian Oncology NursingAsian Oncol Nurs(OA-nc)
  22. Asian Spine JournalAsian Spine J(OA-nc)
  23. Biomedical Engineering LettersBiomed Eng Lett
  24. Biomolecules & TherapeuticsBiomol Ther(OA-nc)
  25. Blood ResearchBlood Res(OA-nc)
  26. Brain & NeurorehabilitationBrain Neurorehabil
  27. Brain Tumor Research and TreatmentBrain Tumor Res Treat(OA-nc)
  28. Cancer Research and Treatment Cancer Res Treat(OA-nc)
  29. Cardiovascular Imaging Asia Cardiovasc Imaging Asia(OA-nc)
  30. Child Health Nursing ResearchChild Health Nurs Res(OA-nc)
  31. Childhood Kidney DiseasesChild Kidney Dis(OA-nc)
  32. Chonnam Medical JournalChonnam Med J(OA-nc)
  33. Chung-Ang Journal of MedicineChung-Ang J Med
  34. Chungbuk Medical JournalChungbuk Med J
  35. Clinical and Experimental Emergency MedicineClin Exp Emerg Med
  36. Clinical and Experimental OtorhinolaryngologyClin Exp Otorhinolaryngol(OA-nc)
  37. Clinical and Experimental Reproductive MedicineClin Exp Reprod Med(OA-nc)
  38. Clinical and Experimental Vaccine ResearchClin Exp Vaccine Res(OA-nc)
  39. Clinical and Molecular HepatologyClin Mol Hepatol(OA-nc)
  40. Clinical EndoscopyClin Endosc(OA-nc)
  41. Clinical HypertensionClin Hypertens (OA-nc)
  42. Clinical Nutrition ResearchClin Nutr Res(OA-nc)
  43. Clinical PainClin Pain
  44. Clinical Pediatric Hematology-OncologyClin Pediatr Hematol Oncol
  45. Clinical Psychopharmacology and NeuroscienceClin Psychopharmacol Neurosci(OA-nc)
  46. Clinics in Orthopedic SurgeryClin Orthop Surg(OA-nc)
  47. Clinics in Shoulder and ElbowClin Should Elbow(OA-nc)
  48. Dementia and Neurocognitive DisordersDement Neurocognitive Disord(OA-nc)
  49. Diabetes & Metabolism JournalDiabetes Metab J(OA-nc)
  50. Electrolytes & Blood PressureElectrolyte Blood Press(OA-nc)
  51. Endocrinology and MetabolismEndocrinol Metab(OA-nc)
  52. Environmental Health and ToxicologyEnviron Health Toxicol(OA-nc)
  53. Epidemiology and HealthEpidemiol Health (OA-nc)
  54. Ewha Medical JournalEwha Med J (OA-nc)
  55. Experimental & Molecular MedicineExp Mol Med(OA-nc)
  56. Experimental NeurobiologyExp Neurobiol(OA-nc)
  57. Gastrointestinal InterventionGastrointest Interv(OA-nc)
  58. Genomics & InformaticsGenomics Inform(OA-nc)
  59. Gut and LiverGut Liver(OA-nc)
  60. Hanyang Medical ReviewsHanyang Med Rev(OA-nc)
  61. Health CommunicationHealth Commun
  62. Health Policy and Management Health Policy Manag(OA-nc)
  63. Healthcare Informatics ResearchHealthc Inform Res(OA-nc)
  64. Hip & PelvisHip Pelvis(OA-nc)
  65. Imaging Science in DentistryImaging Sci Dent(OA-nc)
  66. Immune NetworkImmune Netw(OA-nc)
  67. ImplantologyImplantology
  68. Infection & ChemotherapyInfect Chemother(OA-nc)
  69. Integrative Medicine ResearchIntegr Med Res
  70. International Journal of Oral BiologyInt J Oral Biol(OA-nc)
  71. International Journal of Stem CellsInt J Stem Cells(OA-nc)
  72. International Journal of Thyroidology Int J Thyroidol(OA-nc)
  73. International Neurourology JournalInt Neurourol J(OA-nc)
  74. Intestinal ResearchIntest Res(OA-nc)
  75. Investigative and Clinical UrologyInvestig Clin Urol(OA-nc)
  76. Investigative Magnetic Resonance ImagingInvestig Magn Reson Imaging(OA-nc)
  77. Journal of Acute Care SurgeryJ Acute Care Surg
  78. Journal of Advanced ProsthodonticsJ Adv Prosthodont(OA-nc)
  79. Journal of Agricultural Medicine and Community HealthJ Agric Med Community Health
  80. Journal of Audiology & OtologyJ Audiol Otol(OA-nc)
  81. Journal of Bacteriology and VirologyJ Bacteriol Virol(OA-nc)
  82. Journal of Biomedical and Translational ResearchJ Biomed Transl Res
  83. Journal of Bone MetabolismJ Bone Metab(OA-nc)
  84. Journal of Breast CancerJ Breast Cancer(OA-nc)
  85. Journal of Breast DiseaseJ Breast Dis(OA-nc)
  86. Journal of Cancer PreventionJ Cancer Prev(OA-nc)
  87. Journal of Cardiovascular UltrasoundJ Cardiovasc Ultrasound(OA-nc)
  88. Journal of Cerebrovascular and Endovascular NeurosurgeryJ Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg(OA-nc)
  89. Journal of Clinical NeurologyJ Clin Neurol(OA-nc)
  90. Journal of Clinical NutritionJ Clin Nutr(OA-nc)
  91. Journal of Clinical Otolaryngology, Head and Neck SurgeryJ Clin Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg
  92. Journal of Dental Anesthesia and Pain MedicineJ Dent Anesth Pain Med(OA-nc)
  93. Journal of Dental Hygiene ScienceJ Dent Hyg Sci (OA-nc)
  94. Journal of Dental Rehabilitation and Applied ScienceJ Dent Rehabil Appl Sci
  95. Journal of Digestive Cancer ReportsJ Dig Cancer Rep
  96. Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health ProfessionsJ Educ Eval Health Prof(OA-BY)
  97. Journal of Endocrine Surgery J Endocr Surg(OA-nc)
  98. Journal of Gastric CancerJ Gastric Cancer(OA-nc)
  99. Journal of Genetic MedicineJ Genet Med (OA-nc)
  100. Journal of Gynecologic OncologyJ Gynecol Oncol (OA-nc)
  101. Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing EducationJ Korean Acad Soc Nurs Educ(OA-nc)
  102. Journal of Korean Academy of Community Health NursingJ Korean Acad Community Health Nurs(OA-nc)
  103. Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of NursingJ Korean Acad Fundam Nurs
  104. Journal of Korean Academy of NursingJ Korean Acad Nurs(OA-nc)
  105. Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing AdministrationJ Korean Acad Nurs Adm(OA-nc)
  106. Journal of Korean Academy of Oral HealthJ Korean Acad Oral Health(OA-nc)
  107. Journal of Korean Academy of ProsthodonticsJ Korean Acad Prosthodont(OA-nc)
  108. Journal of Korean Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing J Korean Acad Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs(OA-nc)
  109. Journal of Korean Biological Nursing ScienceJ Korean Biol Nurs Sci(OA-nc)
  110. Journal of Korean Burn SocietyJ Korean Burn Soc
  111. Journal of Korean Clinical Nursing ResearchJ Korean Clin Nurs Res
  112. Journal of Korean Critical Care NursingJ Korean Crit Care Nurs
  113. Journal of Korean Dental ScienceJ Korean Dent Sci
  114. Journal of Korean Diabetes J Korean Diabetes(OA-nc)
  115. Journal of Korean Foot and Ankle SocietyJ Korean Foot Ankle Soc(OA-nc)
  116. Journal of Korean Geriatric PsychiatryJ Korean Geriatr Psychiatry
  117. Journal of Korean Gerontological NursingJ Korean Gerontol Nurs
  118. Journal of Korean Life Insurance Medical AssociationJ Korean Life Insur Med Assoc
  119. Journal of Korean Medical ScienceJ Korean Med Sci(OA-nc)
  120. Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric AssociationJ Korean Neuropsychiatr Assoc
  121. Journal of Korean Neurosurgical SocietyJ Korean Neurosurg Soc(OA-nc)
  122. Journal of Korean Orthopaedic Research SocietyJ Korean Orthop Res Soc
  123. Journal of Korean Physical TherapyJ Korean Phys Ther
  124. Journal of Korean Society of Spine SurgeryJ Korean Soc Spine Surg(OA-nc)
  125. Journal of Laboratory Medicine and Quality AssuranceJ Lab Med Qual Assur
  126. Journal of Lipid and AtherosclerosisJ Lipid Atheroscler(OA-nc)
  127. Journal of Liver CancerJ Liver Cancer
  128. Journal of Menopausal MedicineJ Menopausal Med(OA-nc)
  129. Journal of Metabolic and Bariatric SurgeryJ Metab Bariatr Surg
  130. Journal of Minimally Invasive SurgeryJ Minim Invasive Surg(OA-nc)
  131. Journal of Movement DisordersJ Mov Dis(OA-nc)
  132. Journal of Neurocritical CareJ Neurocrit Care
  133. Journal of Neurogastroenterology and MotilityJ Neurogastroenterol Motil(OA-nc)
  134. Journal of Nutrition and HealthJ Nutr Health(OA-nc)
  135. Journal of Obesity & Metabolic SyndromeJ Obes Metab Syndr(OA-nc)
  136. Journal of Pathology and Translational MedicineJ Pathol Transl Med (OA-nc)
  137. Journal of Periodontal & Implant ScienceJ Periodontal Implant Sci (OA-nc)
  138. Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public HealthJ Prev Med Public Health(OA-nc)
  139. Journal of Rheumatic DiseasesJ Rheum Dis(OA-nc)
  140. Journal of RhinologyJ Rhinol
  141. Journal of Sleep Medicine J Sleep Med(OA-nc)
  142. Journal of StrokeJ Stroke(OA-nc)
  143. Journal of Surgical UltrasoundJ Surg Ultrasound
  144. Journal of the Korean Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry J Korean Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry(OA-nc)
  145. Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric DentistryJ Korean Acad Pediatr Dent
  146. Journal of the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons J Korean Assoc Oral Maxillofac Surg(OA-nc)
  147. Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric SurgeonsJ Korean Assoc Pediatr Surg(OA-nc)
  148. Journal of the Korean Bone and Joint Tumor SocietyJ Korean Bone Joint Tumor Soc(OA-nc)
  149. Journal of the Korean Child Neurology SocietyJ Korean Child Neurol Soc
  150. Journal of the Korean Dietetic AssociationJ Korean Diet Assoc
  151. Journal of the Korean Dysphagia SocietyJ Korean Dysphagia Soc
  152. Journal of the Korean Fracture SocietyJ Korean Fract Soc(OA-nc)
  153. Journal of the Korean Geriatrics SocietyJ Korean Geriatr Soc(OA-nc)
  154. Journal of the Korean Medical AssociationJ Korean Med Assoc(OA-nc)
  155. Journal of the Korean Neurological AssociationJ Korean Neurol Assoc
  156. Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological SocietyJ Korean Ophthalmol Soc(OA-nc)
  157. Journal of the Korean Orthopaedic AssociationJ Korean Orthop Assoc(OA-nc)
  158. Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the HandJ Korean Soc Surg Hand(OA-nc)
  159. Journal of the Korean Society for Transplantation J Korean Soc Transplant
  160. Journal of the Korean Society of Biological Therapies in Psychiatry J Korean Soc Biol Ther Psychiatry
  161. Journal of the Korean Society of Clinical ToxicologyJ Korean Soc Clin Toxicol
  162. Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency MedicineJ Korean Soc Emerg Med
  163. Journal of the Korean Society of Laryngology Phoniatrics and LogopedicsJ Korean Soc Laryngol Phoniatr Logoped
  164. Journal of the Korean Society of Maternal and Child HealthJ Korean Soc Matern Child Health
  165. Journal of the Korean Society of RadiologyJ Korean Soc Radiol(OA-nc)
  166. Journal of the Korean Society of School HealthJ Korean Soc Sch Health(OA-nc)
  167. Journal of Trauma and InjuryJ Trauma Inj(OA-nc)
  168. Journal of Veterinary ScienceJ Vet Sci(OA-nc)
  169. Keimyung Journal of Nursing ScienceKeimyung J Nurs Sci
  170. Keimyung Medical JournalKeimyung Med J
  171. Kidney Research and Clinical PracticeKidney Res Clin Pract(OA-nc)
  172. Knee Surgery & Related ResearchKnee Surg Relat Res(OA-nc)
  173. Korean Circulation JournalKorean Circ J(OA-nc)
  174. Korean Journal of Adult NursingKorean J Adult Nurs(OA-nc)
  175. Korean Journal of Aerospace and Environmental MedicineKorean J Aerosp Environ Med
  176. Korean Journal of AnesthesiologyKorean J Anesthesiol (OA-nc)
  177. Korean Journal of Biological PsychiatryKorean J Biol Psychiatry
  178. Korean Journal of Blood TransfusionKorean J Blood Transfus(OA-nc)
  179. Korean Journal of Clinical OncologyKorean J Clin Oncol
  180. Korean Journal of Clinical PharmacyKorean J Clin Pharm
  181. Korean Journal of Community NutritionKorean J Community Nutr(OA-nc)
  182. Korean Journal of Critical Care MedicineKorean J Crit Care Med(OA-nc)
  183. Korean Journal of Dental MaterialsKorean J Dent Mater
  184. Korean Journal of DermatologyKorean J Dermatol
  185. Korean Journal of Family MedicineKorean J Fam Med(OA-nc)
  186. Korean Journal of Family PracticeKorean J Fam Pract(OA-nc)
  187. Korean Journal of GastroenterologyKorean J Gastroenterol(OA-nc)
  188. Korean Journal of Head & Neck OncologyKorean J Head Neck Oncol
  189. Korean Journal of Health Promotion Korean J Health Promot(OA-nc)
  190. Korean Journal of Helicobacter and Upper Gastrointestinal ResearchKorean J Helicobacter Up Gastrointest Res(OA-nc)
  191. Korean Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic SurgeryKorean J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg(OA-nc)
  192. Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative CareKorean J Hosp Palliat Care(OA-nc)
  193. Korean Journal of Internal MedicineKorean J Intern Med(OA-nc)
  194. Korean Journal of Legal MedicineKorean J Leg Med(OA-nc)
  195. Korean Journal of Medical EducationKorean J Med Educ(OA-nc)
  196. Korean Journal of Medical HistoryKorean J Med Hist
  197. Korean Journal of Medical MycologyKorean J Med Mycol (OA-nc)
  198. Korean Journal of MedicineKorean J Med(OA-nc)
  199. Korean Journal of Neuromuscular DisordersKorean J Neuromuscul Disord
  200. Korean Journal of NeurotraumaKorean J Neurotrauma(OA-nc)
  201. Korean Journal of Nosocomial Infection ControlKorean J Nosocomial Infect Control(OA-nc)
  202. Korean Journal of Occupational Health NursingKorean J Occup Health Nurs(OA-nc)
  203. Korean Journal of OphthalmologyKorean J Ophthalmol(OA-nc)
  204. Korean Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial PathologyKorean J Oral Maxillofac Pathol
  205. Korean Journal of OrthodonticsKorean J Orthod(OA-nc)
  206. Korean Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck SurgeryKorean J Otolaryngol-Head Neck Surg(OA-nc)
  207. Korean Journal of PainKorean J Pain(OA-nc)
  208. Korean Journal of Pancreas and Biliary TractKorean J Pancreas Biliary Tract(OA-nc)
  209. Korean Journal of ParasitologyKorean J Parasitol(OA-nc)
  210. Korean Journal of PediatricsKorean J Pediatr(OA-nc)
  211. Korean Journal of Physical AnthropologyKorean J Phys Anthropol(OA-nc)
  212. Korean Journal of Physiology & PharmacologyKorean J Physiol Pharmacol(OA-nc)
  213. Korean Journal of PsychopathologyKorean J Psychopathol
  214. Korean Journal of PsychopharmacologyKorean J Psychopharmacol
  215. Korean Journal of Psychosomatic MedicineKorean J Psychosom Med
  216. Korean Journal of PsychotherapyKorean J Psychother
  217. Korean Journal of RadiologyKorean J Radiol(OA-nc)
  218. Korean Journal of Rehabilitation NursingKorean J Rehabil Nurs
  219. Korean Journal of Schizophrenia ResearchKorean J Schizophr Res
  220. Korean Journal of SpineKorean J Spine(OA-nc)
  221. Korean Journal of Sports MedicineKorean J Sports Med(OA-nc)
  222. Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryKorean J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg(OA-nc)
  223. Korean Journal of Urological OncologyKorean J Urol Oncol(OA-nc)
  224. Korean Journal of Veterinary ResearchKorean J Vet Res
  225. Korean Journal of Women Health NursingKorean J Women Health Nurs(OA-nc)
  226. Korean Leprosy BulletinKorean Lepr Bull
  227. Korean Medical Education ReviewKorean Med Educ Rev
  228. Kosin Medical JournalKosin Med J
  229. Laboratory Animal ResearchLab Anim Res(OA-nc)
  230. Laboratory Medicine OnlineLab Med Online(OA-nc)
  231. Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryMaxillofac Plast Reconstr Surg(OA-nc)
  232. Medical Journal of Chosun UniversityMed J Chosun Univ
  233. Mood and EmotionMood Emot
  234. MycobiologyMycobiology(OA-nc)
  235. Natural Product SciencesNat Prod Sci(OA-nc)
  236. Neonatal MedicineNeonatal Med(OA-nc)
  237. NerveNerve
  238. Neurointervention Neurointervention(OA-nc)
  239. Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingNucl Med Mol Imaging
  240. Nutrition Research and PracticeNutr Res Pract(OA-nc)
  241. Obstetrics & Gynecology ScienceObstet Gynecol Sci(OA-nc)
  242. Oral Biology ResearchOral Biol Res
  243. Osong Public Health and Research PerspectivesOsong Public Health Res Perspect
  244. OsteoporosisOsteoporosis
  245. Osteoporosis and SarcopeniaOsteoporos Sarcopenia(OA-nc-nd)
  246. Pediatric Emergency Medicine JournalPediatr Emerg Med J
  247. Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & NutritionPediatr Gastroenterol Hepatol Nutr(OA-nc)
  248. Pediatric Infection & VaccinePediatr Infect Vaccine(OA-nc)
  249. PerinatologyPerinatology(OA-nc)
  250. Perspectives in Nursing SciencePerspect Nurs Sci
  251. Precision and Future MedicinePrecis Future Med
  252. Progress in Medical PhysicsProg Med Phys(OA-nc)
  253. Psychiatry InvestigationPsychiatry Investig(OA-nc)
  254. Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis(OA-nc)
  255. Radiation Oncology JournalRadiat Oncol J(OA-nc)
  256. Research in Vestibular ScienceRes Vestib Sci(OA-nc)
  257. Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics Restor Dent Endod(OA-nc)
  258. Safety and Health at WorkSaf Health Work(OA-nc)
  259. Sleep Medicine and Psychophysiology Sleep Med Psychophysiol
  260. Soonchunhyang Medical ScienceSoonchunhyang Med Sci(OA-nc)
  261. Surgical Metabolism and NutritionSurg Metab Nutr
  262. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineTissue Eng Regen Med
  263. Translational and Clinical PharmacologyTransl Clin Pharmacol(OA-nc)
  264. Tuberculosis and Respiratory DiseasesTuberc Respir Dis(OA-nc)
  265. Ultrasonography Ultrasonography(OA-nc)
  266. Urogenital Tract Infection Urogenit Tract Infect(OA-nc)
  267. Vascular Specialist International Vasc Spec Int(OA-nc)
  268. World Journal of Men's HealthWorld J Mens Health(OA-nc)
  269. Yeungnam University Journal of MedicineYeungnam Univ J Med(OA-nc)
  270. Yonsei Medical JournalYonsei Med J(OA-nc)